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Do you need a Home Inspector?

Serving North Alabama and Middle Tennessee with over 35 years of experience in residential construction, real estate, and energy efficiency as our foundation. We can offer informed and qualified services to you or your clients.

One thing that sets us apart from the average home inspector is the fact that we are not only certified Professional Home Inspectors but also certified HERS Raters and BPI Auditors. That means you can choose to have the property of interest inspected and also have a fully certified energy diagnostic performed. When you request a combination of inspection and energy diagnostic, you will save $200.00 versus having these services performed separately.

Additionally, our basic home inspection includes evaluation of areas in the property that may cause excessive energy usage. We verify insulation levels, ductwork conditions that may cause loss of conditioned air, and air leakage throughout the home. We check the temperature difference from room to room in order to discover areas where heating and cooling systems may not be providing adequate air flow. This is standard, not extra.

Our company motto is : "Providing Home Energy Improvements that pay for themselves". The recommendations report includes an ROI chart so you know how quickly an improvement will save you the initial cost in energy savings.

We also do simplified home inspections; including walk-throughs or evaluations of specific concerns. Pricing for these more basic services is determined at the time of inquiry.